An upcoming project

My plan is to build a Web site that promotes a green lifestyle in Connecticut in a more user-friendly format than CT Green Scene. Instead of simply posting articles and links to eco-related issues, the Web site would foster a sense of community and action within that community by helping its members interact with one another by using a platform similar to that of

My partner for this project will be the person who runs Blogging as a Second Language. More details to come…

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  1. jackie herb says:

    this sounds like a great idea. Have you heard of This is where they take used stoneyfield yogurt containers and recycle them into plant potters. It’s a great website, I was involved with this initiative on Quinnipiac’s campus last year. I think that some ideas you should include on your site are ways for people of all ages to launch their own green initiatives on campuses, middle school, high school, colleges. You can do more than just give “green tips,” you can have contests and help those seeking advice and maybe that extra push to make this happen!